Basics of Data Communication

[09.03.2013] First session starts on 12.3.
[09.03.2013] No lectures on 19th and 21st March.
[14.03.2013] There will be no demonstration during March. The demonstration DATEs will be announced in this page and moodle. To access the moodle you can click here.
[27.03.2013] Thursday 28th, there won't be any lecture in University.
[04.04.2013] A quiz will be taken on Tuesday (9th April) from Section 2 (Signal and Data). It will be based on the examples presented during the course.
[04.04.2013] The second report/journal about Section 2 (Signal and Data) should be uploaded by 14th April.
General Information

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Data communications
  • Data transmission
  • Transmission Media
  • Signal encoding techniques
  • Multiplexing
  • Error control
  • Circuit Switching and Packet Switching
  • The basics of digital signals, sampling, filtering, and reconstruction, as well as the effect of time and frequency domains.  

Moodle page:

Credit points:     5 ECTS

Grading:    0-5

Evaluation:    40% exercises & reports, 60% exam.
                        (50% is required to pass the course + all the exercises should be completed)


Lecturer:    Masoud Daneshtalab


Class location & Times:   Beta  -  Tuesday and Thursday @ 10.15 - 11.45

Reference books
  • Data Communications and Networking, B.A. Forouzan
  • Signal processing first, J. H. McClellan, R. W. Schafer, & M. A. Yoder
  • Computer Networks, A Systems Approach, L. Peterson & Davie