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Aalto-1 Satellite Specifications

Collaborators for Aalto-1




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Aalto University has recently started the design and construction of a small nanosatellite called Aalto-1. Aalto-1 will be the first complete and Finnish satellite in space. The plan is to base the satellite on the CubeSat standard, to launch it as piggy-pack on a larger satellite, and to use mainly students! for the design and construction of the satellite. Aalto-1 could thus be called also as StudentSat.

The task of the University of Turku in this project, coordinated by the Aalto, is to design and build a radiation detection instrument RADMON to Aalto-1. The work is done together with the University of Helsinki and with the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The team in University of Turku, Department of Information Technology and Space Research Laboratory, will design the logic and software for the RADMON data collection and processing, and will participate to the design of  the communication between the instrument and the spacecraft. In addition the team will design a prototype for the ground-support equipment, computers and software controlling RADMON operations and receiving data from the spacecraft. The development work will be integrated to the teaching as far as possible. The plan is also in Turku to use mainly students for the development of the RADMON.


Aalto-sat.pngAalto-1 Satellite Specifications:


               Aalto-1 main design specifications according to the feasibility study:

o        CubeSat based 3U design, size 30 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm, weight: 3 kg

o       Orbit: Sun-synchronous noon LEO

o        Attitude: 3-axis stabilized

o        Communication: VHF-UHF housekeeping S-band data transfer

Collaborators for Aalto-1:


               Main payload: imaging spectrometer (VTT)

               Secondary payloads:

o        Digital Camera (Aalto, Nokia)

o       Radiation Monitor (University of Turku, University of Helsinki)

o        Lightning detector (Nokia, Aalto)

o        Accelerometer system (Aalto)

o        Electrostatic plasma sail (Finnish Meteorological Institute)



              University of Turku Satellite project. (Enrollment key:  rareexports )

              Aalto University Satellite project.



              Juhani Peltonen               Teijo Lehtonen

              Tero Säntti                       Khalid Latif